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XLPE Compounds !

SANKHLA POLYMERS P LTD, offers silane grafted crosslinkable polyethylene compound, curable by exposure to moisture, for insulation of power cables and possessing excellent extrudability at high out put rate.

XL 333 is based on a Linear Low Density PE resin and has melt index in the range of 1 to 2.3. It is specially developed for low voltage cable insulation and for sheathing purpose.

This compound utilizes the system of cross – linking of polyethylene known as Sioplas. It is a two component system comprising a Silane Grafted LLDPE, known as the graft copolymer XL 333, and master batch XL 900 containing a cross – linking catalyst. The two materials are normally used in the ratio of 95 parts graft to 5 parts catalyst master batch.

Stored separately, these materials are fairly stable but when mixed and exposed to moisture, cross-linking takes place.

This system allows the compound to be extruded as a normal thermoplastic, which will then attain a high level of cross-linking in the processed from. The finished product has all the properties associated with polyethylene cross-linked by other methods.

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