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PVC Compounds !

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most versatile materials, which is used for various applications and is widely preferred and used in the Wire & Cable Industry.

SANKHLA POLYMERS P LTD, offers high quality PVC Compounds under the SIVIN brand, that are widely used in Wire & Cable, Injection Moulding, Footwear and Profile extrusion industry. SIVIN compounds are recommended and preferred compounds, used by many known cable manufacturers in and around the country.

SIVIN compounds are manufactured using the State-of-the-Art Buss Co-Kneader and standard manufacturing practices and are used for Insulation and Sheathing of various wires and cables.

SIVIN compounds adhere to BS / BIS / VDE / ASTM standards. They offer the desired properties as per the standards prescribed and are easy to process on standard well maintained equipments.

This system allows the compound to be extruded as a normal thermoplastic which will then attain a high level of cross-linking in the processed from. The finished product has all the properties associated with polyethylene cross-linked by other methods.

SP 90 (ST 1 Sheathing)
PS 12 (ST 2 Sheathing)
SP 300 IS (Type A Insulation)
PS 14 (Type C Insulation)
PS 12 FR (ST 2 FR)
FX 18 (FRLS)

Apart from the above mentioned standard grades, we can offer custom made compounds as per your specifications and requirements.
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